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Updated: 07 October 2015

The gallery for Chepstow Castle now has all new digital pictures.

The gallery for Raglan Castle now has all new digital pictures.

Added a new gallery for
Lewes Castle.

The gallery for Castle Coch
now has all new digital

Castle Events:

Dover Castle

Haunted Castle
24 Oct - 01 Nov 2015
10am - 4pm

Goodrich Castle

Grusome Goodrich
26 - 30 Oct 2015
11am - 4pm

Coming Soon:

A new profile for
Lewes Castle in England.

A new gallery for
Goodrich Castle in England.

A new gallery for
Berkeley Castle in England.

A new ghost story for
Carew Castle in Wales.

A new profile for
Sully-sur-Loire in France.

Raglan Castle, Monmouthshire Wales

Raglan Castle - Monmouthshire, Wales

This Week in History:

13 October 1307

Hundreds of Knights Templar are arrested in France under order of King Phillip the Fair. They will later be charged with heresy after confessing under torture and burned at the stake. This was a Friday in 1307 and some say the beginning of Friday 13th being associated with bad luck.

14 October 1066

The Battle of Hastings - William the Conqueror defeats the English led by King Harold II who dies in battle. This begins the Norman Conquest of England as well as the beginning of the Castle Age as motte and bailey castles are built all over England, starting in Pevensey and Hastings.

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