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Castle Legends
     Alnwick Castle: Grey Lady of Alnwick Castle
     Baconsthorpe Castle: Sentry Ghost of Baconsthorpe Castle
     Bamburgh Castle: Pink Lady of Bamburgh Castle
     Belvoir Castle: Witches of Belvoir Castle
     Berkeley Castle: Ghost of King Edward II of Berkeley Castle
     Bodiam Castle: Ghosts of Bodiam Castle
     Bowes Castle: Roman Ghost Garrison of Bowes Castle
     Carlisle Castle: Scottish Lady of Carlisle Castle
     Castle Rising Castle: Ghost of Queen Isabella of Castle Rising Castle
     Chillingham Castle: Ghosts of Chillingham Castle
     Clifford's Tower: Bleeding Walls of Clifford's Tower
     Conisbrough Castle: Ghosts of Conisbrough Castle
     Dover Castle: Ghosts of Dover Castle
     Dunstanburgh Castle: Ghosts of Dunstanburgh Castle
     Edlingham Castle: Witch of Edlingham
     Framlingham Castle: Ghostly Screams of Framlingham Castle
     Goodrich Castle: Ghostly Lovers of Goodrich Castle
     Hastings Castle: Ghosts of Hastings Castle
     Helmsley Castle: Ghosts of Helmsley Castle
     Hever Castle: Ghost of Anne Boleyn at Hever Castle
     Leeds Castle: Black Dog of Leeds Castle
     Lincoln Castle: Haunted Chapel of Lincoln Castle
     Lindisfarne Castle: Ghost of St. Cuthbert of Lindisfarne Castle
     Nottingham Castle: Ghost of Roger Mortimer of Nottingham Castle
     Old Wardour Castle: Ghost of Lady Blanche of Old Wardour Castle
     Old Wardour Castle: Wild Man of Orford Castle New
     Pendragon Castle: Ghosts of Pendragon Castle
     Pevensey Castle: Ghost of Lady Pelham of Pevensey Castle
     Pickering Castle: Ghost Monk of Pickering Castle
     Pickering Castle: Unexpained Activities of Prudhoe Castle New
     Richmond Castle: Ghosts of Richmond Castle
     Rochetser Castle: White Lady of Rochester Castle
     Scarborough Castle: Ghost of Piers Gaveston of Scarborough Castle
     Scotney Castle: Ghosts of Scotney Castle
     Spofforth Castle: Half Ghost of Spofforth Castle
     Sudeley Castle: Ghosts of Sudeley Castle
     Tower of London: Ghosts of the Tower of London
     Tynemouth Castle: Viking Ghost of Tynemouth Castle
     Upnor Castle: Ghosts of Upnor Castle New
     Warkworth Castle: Ghosts of Warkworth Castle
     Warwick Castle: Ghost Tower of Warwick Castle
     Windsor Castle: Ghosts of Windsor Castle New
     Château de Brissac: Green Lady of Château de Brissac
     Chenonceau: Ghosts of Catherine and Diane
     Burg Frankenstein: Knight George and the Dragon
     The Marksburg: Burg Braubach Becomes The Marksburg
     The Mauseturm: Bishop Hatto and the Mauseturm
     Burg Pfalgrafenstein: Pfalz Island in the Rhine
     Burg Rheinstein: Matchmaking at Burg Rheinstein
     Burg Sooneck: Best Shot at Burg Sooneck
     Burg Sterrenberg and Burg Liebenstein: Hostile Brothers
     Crichton Castle: Sir William Crichton of Crichton Castle
     Hermitage Castle: Sir William de Soulis of Hermitage Castle
     St. Andrews Castle: Ghosts of St. Andrews Castle
     Bodelwyddan Castle: Ghosts of Bodelwyddan Castle
     Caernarfon Castle: Floating Lady of Caernarfon Castle
     Caerphilly Castle: Green Lady of Caerphilly Castle
     Carew Castle: Ghosts of Carew Castle
     Castell Coch: White Lady of Castell Coch New
     Ogmore Castle: White Lady of Ogmore Castle
     Raglan Castle: Librarian Ghost of Raglan Castle
     Rhuddlan Castle: Legend of Rhuddlan Castle

Castle Profiles
     Barden Tower
     Bowes Castle
     Brougham Castle
     Dunstanburgh Castle
     Edlingham Castle
     Hastings Castle
     Knaresborough Castle
     Lewes Castle
     Marmion Tower
     Oakham Castle
     Pendragon Castle
     Pevensey Castle
     Preston Tower
     Raby Castle
     Weeting Castle
     York Castle (Clifford's Tower)
     Château de Chambord
     Château de Chinon
     Château de l’Islette
     Château du Plessis-Bourré
     Château de Saumur
     Burg Eltz
     Burg Fürstenberg
     Burg Katz
     Burg Lahneck
     Burg Marksburg
     Schloss Neuschwanstein
     Burg Rheinstein
     Burg Sooneck
     Blarney Castle
     Bunratty Castle
     Cahir Castle
     Dunguaire Castle
     Trim Castle New
     Edinburgh Castle
     Hailes Castle
     Smailholm Tower
     Stirling Castle
     Beaumaris Castle
     Caernarfon Castle
     Raglan Castle
     Rhuddlan Castle

Picture Gallery

Official Castle Home Pages

     Battle at Sea
     Castle Coloring Book


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